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The Objectives and purposes for which The National Academy is constituted are:6

  • To promote the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge to establish and enhance standards of scientific and technological endevour and achievement in Kenya and to recognize outstanding contributions in the fields of science and technology.
  • To establish and maintain association and relations between Kenyan scientists and the international scientific community.
  • To administer or help in administering funds for purposes of scientific and technological research or projects.
  • To organize participate or collaborate in the organization of scientific meetings inside and outside Kenya; to hold symposia; and to arrange visits for scientists from other countries to Kenya and vice versa.
  • To provide guidance to sources of scientific information.
  • To suggest ways in which scientific projects in Kenya may be instituted, carried out or revised.
  • To publish or assist in the publication of scientific knowledge.
  • To promote the creation of scientific bodies in Kenya and provide professional guidance in their activities.
  • To cooperate with the NCST in the formulation of policies and programmes designed to encourage the development and application of science and technology for national development.
  • To undertake all such other activities as may be consistent with the objectives of The National Academy.

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