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Founding Fellows

 001  Prof.  Thomas R. Odhiambo (Deceased)  B.A. ,M.A. ,Ph.D.(Cantab.), FTWAS  1986  View Profile
 002  Prof.  Mohamed Hassan Abdulaziz  B.A.(Hons), M.A., A.C.Post.Dip., Ph.D.(London)  1986  View Profile
 003  Prof.  Philip Mwangi Githinji  BSME(Purdue), MS, ME(Caltech), Ph.D.(Nairobi), R Eng, FIEK  1986  View Profile
 004  Prof.  Samson Gombe (Deceased)  B.Sc. ,B.Vet. M.Med.(London), MRCVS.(U.K.), Ph.D.(Cornell), FTWAS, FAAS  1986  View Profile
 005  Prof.  Edward George Kasili (Deceased)  M.B.,Ch.B.(E.A.), M.D.(Nairobi), FRC.PATH.(U.K.)  1986  View Profile
 006  Prof.  Canute P .M. Khamala  B.Sc.(Liverpool), Ph.D.(E.A.), FRES  1986  View Profile
 007  Prof.  Dr. Benjamin E. Kipkorir (Deceased)  B.A.(Lond.), Ph.D.(Cantab.)  1986  View Profile
 008  Prof.  John Ongayo Kokwaro  B.Sc.(Addis Ababa), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Uppsala), FLS  1986  View Profile
 009  Prof.  Joseph Otieno Malo  M.Sc.(Moscow), Ph.D.(Brandels), M. Inst. P.  1986  View Profile
 010  Prof.  Japhet Kimanzi Mati  M.B. ,Ch.B.(E.A.), M.D.(Nairobi), FRCOG  1986  View Profile
 011  Prof.  Gerald Munene Mugera (Deceased)  Dip. Vet.Sc.(E.A.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Michigan)  1986  View Profile
 012  Prof.  Festo Abby Mutere (Deceased)  B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D., Dip.Ed.(E.A.)  1986  View Profile
 013  Prof.  Simeon Hongo Ominde (Deceased)  M.A.(Aberdeen), Ph.D.(London), Dip.Ed.(E.A. & Edin.), FRGS  1986  View Profile
 014  Prof.  Shem Oyoo Wandiga  B.Sc.(Howard), M.Sc.(Maryland), Ph.D.(Case)  1986  View Profile

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