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SRDA 2004

SRDA 2004

Science and Technology PARKS for Sustainable Industrial Growth


 Developing countries are currently faced with stiff competition in the global market in terms of marketing their production. Kenya is no exception and therefore, the need to add value to its export is urgent and real. Our nation also needs to spur its economic development through sustainable industrial development. In this respect, of all the factors contributing to the economy, science and technology has the greatest impact on the economic growth. A strong scientific and technological base actually provides a sound foundation for future prosperity. In this context, science and technology parks should be established to play a key role in the advancement of knowledge-based enterprises and industries, thus ensuring the competitiveness of traditional industries and helping to promote the growth of new ones. Such science and technology parks are now the engine of economic growth in Asia, Europe and North America. However, in Africa only five countries namely Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Madagascar and South Africa have initiated the establishment of science and technology parks as an integral strategy for their sustainable development.

            Whether we are talking about taking care of the environment for future generations as in cleaner energy production; or helping people live healthier and more satisfying as in drug discoveries and new therapies; or using less to produce more as in more efficient and accurate manufacturing processes, we require synergies through the collaboration of Kenya Government, private sector, universities, research institutes and scientists.

The lifespan of new technologies with industrial potential is increasingly shorter and therefore imported technologies are becoming too expensive. It is definitely prudent to venture into homegrown technology for sustainable development. In line with this requirement, Kenya must be able to forecast the market needs accurately and use that capability to steer R&D towards commercialization.


  1. To foster linkage between knowledge generating institutions, government and private sector;
  2. To bring together policy makers, decision makers, company executives, practitioners and researchers involved in R&D, knowledge-based enterprises and commercialization of science and technology to share their expertise, experiences and knowledge in tackling the critical issues related to development of science and technology parks in Kenya;
  3. To popularize the development of science and technology parks and also mark Scientific Revival Day of Africa.
  4. To contribute to the on-going debate on the economic recovery strategy, thus enhancing collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs in value additions of products and start-up companies in Kenya.

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