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The structure of the Academy comprises the patron, who is currently His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya. The Academy is governed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) through the Governing Council and overseen by Trustees and an External Auditor. Under the Governing Council, KNAS has the Executive committee which oversees the functions of the standing committees (National Committee for IGBP, Editorial and Publications, Finance, Awards) and the Specialist Committees (Biosciences, Physical sciences, Humanities and Social sciences). The Honorary Secretary of KNAS oversees the Executive Administrator who is responsible for the functioning of the Secretariat.

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Governing Council

The Governing Council consists of all the office bearers of The National Academy, four members elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy and the Secretary of the NSCT. It is responsible for carrying out the functions specified in the Constitution and the By-laws of the Academy.

Its duties include:

  • Management of The National Academy and provision of the guidelines as applies to the furtherance of the objectives of The Academy.
  • Appointing the committees subordinate to it in accordance with the academy constitution and the Bye-Laws.
  • Administering the resources of the Academy

Executive Committee

The function of the executive committee is to implement the decision of the Governing Council and the Annual General Meeting and to act for the Governing Council in between its meetings. The Executive Committee also initiates programmes and projects in furtherance of the aims of the Academy; and assists and guides the administration in running the affairs of the Academy. The committee also deals with matters pertaining to International Council for Science Union [ICSU], UNESCO and other international scientific bodies. It organizes and finalizes on the dates for various meetings including the Governing Council, Annual general Meeting, etc.

Specialist Committees

These committees review the status of knowledge in their areas of expertise and advise the Governing Council on projects and programmes which could be undertaken in furtherance of the objectives of the Academy.

Other functions of these committees are:

  • To assist the Governing council in evaluating its technical reports and proposals
  • To assist in the supervision and coordination of special projects organized by The national Academy
  • To advise the Governing Council in their areas of specialty regarding suitability of applicants for admission to membership of the Academy
  • To propose to the Governing Council names of members for consideration in the election of Fellows
  • To arrange and conduct on behalf of the National Academy specialist meetings, conferences and symposia approved by the Governing Council in their areas of specialization.

Standing Committees

These committees advise the Governing Council on relevant aspects of their work, including finance, publications, review of reports, education and possible action. The Governing Council shall determine the various compositions of these committees in accordance to the constitution and the By-laws.

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